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5 Top Reasons To Apply For Ontario Teachers College

Just about everyone has a fond memory of a teacher that shaped and molded their mind or one that influenced their desire to learn more about a subject that led to a career. Today, many teachers still have that almost magical influence over the students that they teach. However, in order to teach in Ontario, Ontario teacher training is necessary with special training at a teachers college along with
teacher additional qualifcations.

1. Great Job Security

Of course, the economy is quite robust at the moment. However, the economy does have its ups and downs. Generally, this dramatically affects job security in a number of industries. However, it’s different in education. Once you’ve attended teachers college and attained Ontario teachers training, backed with experience, you will always be in high demand. Certainly, this is very true for those high-demand subjects.

2. Share Your Love For A Subject

Perhaps, you have a great passion for mathematics, history, or geography. Share that great passion with young minds. This passion and enthusiasm for a subject might easily transfer to students in your classes. Those students might decide to pursue a teaching career too. Thus, ensuring that more students start an educational career and bring more passion and excitement to the educational world.

3. Flexible Hours

Most parents working outside of the home hire a babysitter or drop their kids off at a daycare center. However, teachers work very flexible hours. Often, their hours match the hours that their kids are in school. Thus, eliminating child care expenses, while still having the ability to earn a paycheck.

4. Good Pay

Most teachers agree that they earn reasonably good pay, working in the educational system. In fact, the average professional school teacher in Ontario earns more than a wide variety of professionals with similar education or training. In addition, Ontario teacher training prepares you for future career advancement.

5. Creating Future Leaders

It is your duty to create an interesting environment in the classroom that encourages young minds to explore learning and ask questions. This leads to developing the greater ability to learn and succeed in the classroom. This is a skill that is easily transferred to life, and just might build future leaders in the community or the country.

Ontario teacher training at a teachers college provides future teachers with the necessary education and skills to teach in Ontario schools. Share your passion for education by becoming a teacher too. If you are looking for more information, you may be interested in checking out Western University.