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How to Read the Specifications of Toronto Tires?

As one of the safety parts of a vehicle, Toronto tires must be the object of much attention by the owners, it is necessary to know important aspects about the tires, the knowledge that you can have of their main characteristics will depend to a great extent on the degree of interest that you have in their care and in their good use.

What do the legends on Toronto tires indicate?

Tires like most components, accessories, parts and spare parts of a vehicle are composed of parts, in the case of tires have an outer side surface, on this can be seen a series of numbers, letters and words, grouped in a peculiar way and some larger than others, each group of these has a specific meaning that a driver or vehicle owner must understand.

  • First, there is a name in large letters, this is the make of the tire.
  • Secondly, let’s focus on the series of numbers and letters that follow the brand name in size, on the side of the Toronto tires, commonly consists of 3 numbers in a row, these indicate the distance between the side and side of the tire in millimetres, then a slash followed by two more numbers, which are the height indicated in percentage with the width of the tire, followed by a letter that means the form of construction, in the case of the R means radial construction, followed by two digits that are the diameter of the ring in inches.
  • Further on there is another series in smaller size composed of two digits that indicate the weight limit that the tire supports, and that is coded with two digits depending on the number of kilograms, for example if it is 78 supports 425 kg, if it is 99 supports 775 kg, and a capital letter or a letter and a number, represents the speed in km / h that supports, so A7 means that supports speed range up to 35 km / h, H to 210Km / h, W 200 Km / h.

Other information of Toronto tires such as date of construction, temperature resistance, etc. are indicated on the inside of the rubber.