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What You Need to Know to Make It Into the University of Western Ontario

If the University of Western Ontario is your college of choice, you’ve got to be prepared. There are numerous things that the acceptance staff at this university is going to be looking for in your application, but the following is a list of some tips for making your application stand out.

1. Get great grades and score well on tests.

Naturally, all Canadian Universities want you to have great grades, and the University of Western Ontario is no exception. In all years of school, try your best to achieve the best notes possible. In addition, when it comes time to take your yearly exams, give it your all. If you need extra help in certain subjects, don’t just assume that these are areas you don’t excel in. Instead, ask for help from your teachers, or get a tutor.

2. Be involved in extracurricular activities.

If you’re amazing at your base subjects, extracurricular activities show that you’re more than just an academic. And if you don’t have the best grades, extracurricular activities can let you shine in other ways. Consider joining sports teams, playing an instrument in band, singing in the choir or being part of a club. There are lots of ways to get involved.

3. Spend time on your essays.

Your essays allow you to truly shine through. Take your time, and revisit them over several rewrites instead of simply submitting the first draft you come up with. Additionally, consider having them read by an English or writing teacher at your school. You might even ask one of your parents to read over your essays.

4. Find great people to write your letters of recommendation.

Don’t ask your elementary school band director to write your letter of recommendation if you want to get into a pre-med program. Instead, get someone of a quality position to write a glowing letter of your qualities. You want to ask someone who knows you well and sees you in a positive light.

Finally, remember that if you end up having an interview for your application, you’ll want to be on your best behavior. Make sure that you show up early instead of just on time. Dress appropriately. Women should wear low heals and a pantsuit or dress suit. Men should wear a suit or at least dress pants, a dress shirt and a tie. Have questions ready, and be prepared to answer questions about your future.

If you do all of this, you’ll be adequately prepared to do a great job on your application and get into this amazing university. There are numerous factors that will be examined, but starting with these essentials will be a great start for you. If you need more information from an expert, University of Western Ontario may be able to help you.