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The Perfect Trading Bot With Technical Indicators VortexValor

With this software program, you can easily define problems and rules for when and how to trade. This means that if you sell BTC at $43,000 but the price continues to increase say to $45,000, you are missing on the upside. At the same time, the rule would then buy back once BTC would drop by $250. In our example, if BTC dropped from $45,000 to $44,750, the rule would buy the drop. This means that if you buy BTC at $43,000 and the price drops to $40,000, you would not have a Stop Loss / Exit condition defined on the way down.

The rule would only sell once the price bounces back by $250, i.e. in this case if after dropping to $40,000 the price goes up to $40,250, the rule would sell. This is used to set a Buy Order for a coin that is dropping in price. A Trailing Buy set at $100 would mean that if the price reaches $42,100 your rule would buy. However, if BTC’s price continues to go down, the Trailing Buy would remain $100 above the current price.

The group likewise deal with typical questions in their FAQ section, as well as can be contacted by real-time chat, email, or by linking by means of Facebook or Twitter. All the criteria are picked utilizing dropdowns, so all the alternatives are immediately available. The interface does not utilize complicated trading lingo so even newbies can find their way between the various choices.


A tab at the top right of the page summarizes the rule’s key conditions, and you can double check everything is in order before clicking the “Launch” tab. Paid subscriptions range from $29.99 to $249.99 per month with the differing account tiers designed to cater to traders of differing experience and activity levels. Reinvesting proceeds from positions in loss allows you to invest in your favourite coins without using other funds from those positions that are instead performing well. Using charting analysis, you can identify critical price levels and choose to buy a small portion of the asset with different orders.

If you set the condition to run based on the MA-50 in a time frame of one hour, the bot will calculate the average of the previous 50 hours. While the rules are running, you can see all the relevant activities and the performances on the activity page. In this way, it’s easy to review how the bot is working and, if needed, you can change some parameters to optimize it. In this situation, you can select TradingView Signals along with VortexValor’s logic and conditions.

You can set up a multi-trading-strategy involving an initial condition, action, sequential condition, and action. Of course, using limit orders reduces the chances of executing trades, as that depends on market conditions. For each of the buy orders generated by the first condition, the bot will check the proper conditions to sell the coins when a sell-signal is generated.

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You can now complete the API integration process by returning to the VortexValor Dashboard and entering the required information. When opting for Binance, you will be prompted to enter your API key details along with your secret key information. To register an account, you just need to enter an email address and create a password before agreeing to the Terms of Use.

  • This is a good way to test your competence and ability in the competitive game of crypto investing without risking capital.
  • While the rules are running, you can see all the appropriate tasks and the performances on the task page.
  • Not only is there no coding, however the system for creating if-this-then-that conditionals is user-friendly and also fast.
  • You can then create easy to setup trading strategies based on “If/Then” parameters which allow you to quickly get going and take advantage of any market movements.

For its operation, VortexValor works using what it terms the IFTTT model. This allows traders to explicitly state the conditions the trading bot should work with in executing trades. If the conditions are met, the bot executes those trades on the underlying exchange; if not, the command remains dormant.

Despite the current pullback, Ethereum (ETH) remains a cornerstone of the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, supporting a myriad of applications from smart contracts to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This foundational role suggests a resilience that could counterbalance shorter-term market fluctuations. Connect your wallet and get started with automated trading on Binance Futures. – if two sell actions are triggered immediately one after the other, the first order sells all the coin, and the following order doesn’t find any coins to sell anymore.