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Understanding and Using Sentiment Analytics in Crypto Trading

While there is a 7-day free trial with full access, thereafter, users will need to pay up to $149 for the same features. Immediate Zenith understand that the crypto market is not easy and that trading cryptos can seem like an overwhelming task to some aspiring traders. This is why they created a crypto platform that allows users to utilise a range of automated crypto trading tools including trading robots and market analysis tools.

DCA can take technical indicators such as the MACD, RSI, and stochastic channels into account. Alternatively, traders can run DCA without taking these technical indicators into account, depending on their preferences. Of course, security of funds doesn’t mean that the crypto robots will be safe to use because they can still have losses just like any manual or automated trading system. If the price of a crypto rapidly rises or falls, the use of a robot can become ineffective, and even unprofitable.

Immediate Zenith

All users need to do is go into their exchange settings and find an API key, then paste that into the Immediate Zenith dashboard. Immediate Zenith is a very excellent website/platform for us to do crypto bot trading. I have been using Immediate Zenith for more than one year and i highly, highly recommend it, truly.

The Dollar Cost Average (DCA) system through the Combo bot is a fantastic way to set up your investment plans in several digital assets at the same time. The DCA system allows you to set up recurring purchases on every exchange you are connected to. Immediate Zenith is an impressively robust all-in-one crypto platform that helps crypto traders automate their trading and assist with advanced trading requirements. The platform can be used to assist traders with managing their portfolios, accessing trade signals, utilising Smart Orders, and more. Immediate Zenith’s most popular products are its high-performing crypto bots that can easily integrate with crypto exchanges.

Moreover, Immediate Zenith’s pricing model is transparent and straightforward, with plans designed to cater to different trading volumes and requirements. Immediate Zenith offers a one-week free trial, allowing you to experience the platform’s features firsthand. With a dedicated customer support team available via live chat, email, and social media, Immediate Zenith ensures to keep its customers happy. The support team is available to help users solve problems or guide them. The platform also has a knowledge base section on its website, where users can find answers to common questions.

He is an environmental engineer working on his MBA and has been following innovations in FinTech for several years. Adnan produces written content to review crypto projects and support the crypto community. Configuring a bot on the platform does not require much knowledge and absolutely no coding knowledge. Though there is a dedicated Knowledge Base, it still fails to provide a comprehensive overview of how to use the software. That said, if you genuinely want to try the platform, then the free trial should give you a better understanding of how its features work.

Cryptocurrency day traders often use stop-loss orders to limit their potential losses on a trade. If you are not sure how limit orders work, consider perusing this primer first. No worries, here’s a brief explainer — unlike the lightning-fast market order, a limit order patiently waits for the perfect moment — when the cryptocurrency reaches the price level you’ve chosen. A stop market order is a well-timed directive to purchase or offload crypto as soon as the digital asset’s price touches the pre-established threshold, dubbed the stop price. Once the stop price is hit, the order shapeshifts into a market order, executing immediately at whatever the current market price may be. By default, the GRID bot’s orders are fixed in size in the quote currency.

A stop limit order gives you more reign over the price yet does not assure execution. A stop order, once activated, can transform into different types of orders, such as a market order or limit order. When a stop order morphs into a market order, it ensures your order will be executed at the very next market price available.

  • This ensures that all levels of the grid get the same proportional share of the overall investment.
  • Crypto quotes change frequently, creating massive opportunities for arbitrage.
  • Conversely, when the price approaches a downtrend line, it may provide an opportunity to sell short, as the line could act as resistance and initiate a further downward movement.
  • There are news blogs and company sites for fundamental analysis, and Immediate Zenith and TradingView for technicals.
  • You can check how all of these tools work by perusing Immediate Zenith’s Help Center at your leisure.

The bot will then carry out trades automatically using these rules. Immediate Zenith uses Hardware Security Keys/FIDO2 as a 2FA method to secure users’ accounts and funds. It connects to the user’s account at a supported exchange using a unique API key. The free plan is, in fact, a trial plan available for usage for 14 days. All standard features are included in this plan, along with a $1,000 monthly trading limit. We highly recommend that you take advantage of this free trial to understand how the platform works before you opt-in for a paid version.

This is a golden opportunity to familiarize yourself with setting up your account, connecting your exchange, and exploring the multitude of trading bots available on the PRO plan. When testing the platform for the first time, take notice of how easy things are to access, especially from the main menu. There is no unnecessary fluff to make things confusing, it’s clear that Immediate Zenith wants traders to find their way easily inside the interface. Technical analysis involves studying price charts, trading volume, and technical indicators.

Current leaders of the pack are, arguably, Immediate Zenith and Immediate Zenith with others like Immediate Zenith and Haasbot on their heels. More importantly, the platform has grown to become a powerhouse in the crypto industry, welcoming over 18 million visitors. Its website traffic has grown by nearly 13% in the past month and notes a strong influx in visitors from Colombia and Belgium. Furthermore, Immediate Zenith is chosen by over 500,000 traders worldwide, who have created 3,7 million trading bots, helping the company surpass $300 billion in total trading volume so far. Every plan includes a free one-week (7 days) trial for users to paper trade before committing real funds to the app. In addition, they provide access to the supported exchanges, demo practice mode, portfolio management, and email/live support.